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WPC Fluted Wall Panel Production Line

WPC Fluted Wall Panel Production Line

WPC fluted wall panel production line is used for making WPC fluted wall panel which is now a popular product applied in decoration. It could help the decoration more exquisite and improve a level.

WPC fluted wall panel making machine including for main parts, they are twin screw extruder, vacuum calibrator, hauling engine and cutting machine. Anda Machinery use world famous band of motor, engine, gearbox to produce and guarantee the quality of machine.

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Main feature of WPC fluted wall panel production line

1. High speed, double output than common PVC ceiling production line, greatly decrease the labour cost and electricity cost and manage cost.

2. Extruder adopts PVC ceiling dedicated screw, make sure best plasticizing effect

3. Extruder speed and haul off speed controlled by ABB frequency converter, saving power and easy adjusting speed

4. Extruder temperature adopt PID control, temperature fluctuation self adjusting, it realize the high automatic level

5.The CaCo3 filler can up to 300phr, formula cost is greatly reduced.

6. Equipped with infrared tracking device which can eliminate the problem of fluctuation of extrusion flow rate, further can make sure get best product

7. Lower power consumption,it can save 25-30% electrical power consumption comparing with most  kind PVC ceiling production line. 

8. With online hot stamping, easy operation, saving labour.

Model of PVC T bar production line




Applicable product width


200 to 600mm

Extruder model






Main motor power(KW)



Product picture

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