To be a global famous manufacturer of plastic PVC extrusion machine&custom plastic extrusion machine with high reputation.
Anda Machinery Profile

Anda Machinery Profile

Anda Machinery | Custom Plastic PVC Extrusion Machine/PVC Extruder/PVC Auxiliary Machine Supplier
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Anda is a leading company of integration solution for PVC extrusion machine and surface finishing machines from China. We provide whole factory plan, installation, commissioning, training and so on to customer. So far, more than 1000 sets production line or single machine supplied by Anda company are running around the world.

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Main products of Anda:
PVC ceiling panel making machine, PVC ceiling panel production line
PVC wall panel production line
WPC wall panel production line
PVC edge band production line, PVC edge band extruder
PVC marble sheet extrusion machine production line
Double color UV printing machine, transfer printing machine, lamiantion machines for PVC ceiling panel,wall panel,PVC door panels
ASA composited PVC roof tile extrusion machine and production line
PVC edge band production line with double screw extruder and single screw extruder
PVC profile extrusion machine and production line
PVC pipe extrusion machine and production line
PE PPR pipe extrusion machine and production line
PVC pulverizer machine
PE pulverizer machine
hot and cooling PVC mixer for compounding
PVC surface finishing machines
Rotor printing machine for PVC panel PVC board, PVC edge band
PUR hot glue and cold glue Lamination machine for PVC profiles, boards, ceiling panel and wall panel
High and low temperature hot stamping machine for PVC board, PVC profiles.

We also pay much attention to service, we consider service as important as sales work for us, we continuously training our service stuff, improving our service ability and attitude, so that our team can provide, most professional service to each of our customer around the world.

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