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PVC Foam Board Lamination Machine
PVC Foam Board Lamination Machine

PVC Foam Board Lamination Machine is designed to laminate PVC film, veneer or decorative paper on surface of  PVC door board, PVC foam board, MDF board, cabinet board , window sill board and so on . It is equipped with pneumatic cylinder controlled hot and cold press rolls and protection film lamination. Glue rolling coating and glue scraping coating device as optional.

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Main Features of PVC foam board lamination machine:

1. High precision glue coating, the glue can be spread evenly.

2. High speed,high pressure,quickly forming,easy operation,stable and high degree of automation.

3. Frequency conversion, intelligent temperature controller.


Main Parameter of PVC foam board lamination machine:

Laminating Width800mm1300mm
Working Speed5-15m/min5-15m/min
Work Piece Thickness       5-80mm5-80mm
Heating Power 11kw13kw
Total Power15.5kw19kw
Dimensions10500*1600*2300mm       10500*2100*2300mm       

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