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  • 80/156 SPC Flooring Machine Line 80/156 SPC Flooring Machine Line
    SPC floor machine / production line is composed of extruder, mold, four-roll or six roller molding machine, cooling system, hauling off machine, new generation automatic length set cutting machine, automatic finished product unloading table and so on. It can make both SPC floor and imitation marble sheet. 
  • PVC Edge Band Slitting Machine PVC Edge Band Slitting Machine
    PVC edge band slitting machine is applied to slit 0.4-2mm PVC edge sheet. With a lot of advanced device, such as releasing deviation rectifying, slip shaft, heating device, it can give smooth and stable cutting. 
  • WPC Wall Panel Production Line WPC Wall Panel Production Line
    WPC Wall Panel Production Line is used to making various WPC panels. It’s mainly composed by conical twin screw extruder, vacuum calibration table, haul off machine, cutting machine and stacker.WPC wall panel is one of the most popular new type wall panel in the market. It is a high-tech new type of green environmental protection decoration material. It based on wood (wood fiber and plant fiber) material, mixing with thermoplastic polymer material (plastic) and processing AIDS, etc.,  WPC panel has the performance and characteristics of both wood and plastic, it is a new kind of composite material substitute for wood and plastic.  WPC wall panel is widely used in rooms, hotels, entertainment places, offices, laboratories and other places.
  • Edge Band Tape PVC Granule Machine Edge Band Tape PVC Granule Machine
    PVC granule machine use PVC or PE raw materials with wood powder or other additives to make granulars. The granular made by our machine has the feature of even, solid and elegance.Our pelletizing machine is automatical and high efficiency which is helpful for the next production process.
  • Best Quality PVC Door Board Extrusion Production Line Factory Best Quality PVC Door Board Extrusion Production Line Factory
    UPVC door extrusion production line is applied to produce UPVC door board with width of 700mm, 800mm etc, The capacity of UPVC window profile extrusion production line has high capacity up to 10000kg/day, which equal to 400 -500 door boards per day.
  • PE Pulverizer Grinder Machine PE Pulverizer Grinder Machine
    PE pulverizer machine is utilized to grind PE (low density polyethylene) granules into fine powder for plstic rotational molding, master batch, plastic coating industry and so on. It's also called: millstone pulverizer, polyethylene pulverizer/miller.
  • Anda Machinery Profile Anda Machinery Profile
    Anda Machinery | Custom Plastic PVC Extrusion Machine/PVC Extruder/PVC Auxiliary Machine SupplierOfficial website:                 sales@anda-china.comAnda is a leading company of integration solution for PVC extrusion machine and surface finishing machines from China. We provide whole factory plan, installation, commissioning, training and so on to customer. So far, more than 1000 sets production line or single machine supplied by Anda company are running around the world.
  • 2mm Single Screw PVC Edge Banding Extruder Machine 2mm Single Screw PVC Edge Banding Extruder Machine
    PVC Edge Banding Extruder Machine is used to produce PVC edge banding tape. For different size edge banding will need change mould.  This type machine can be 2 cavity, 4 cavity, 6 cavity or 8 cavity. The size of edge banding, width 19mm-54mm and thickness 0.4mm-2mm. Main Features of PVC Edge Banding Extruder Machine:1.ABB converter, stable and reliable.2.Schneider contactor, reliable performance.3.Omron temperature controller, precision temperature control, reliable and durable.4.High capacity, less occupied space.
  • PVC U edge band making machine PVC U edge band making machine
    PVC U edge banding machine is used for making U edge band which is now a popular product applied in decoration. It could help the decoration more exquisite and improve a level.PVC U edge banding making machine including for main parts, they are twin screw extruder, vacuum calibrator, hauling engine and cutting machine. Anda Machinery use world famous band of motor, engine, gearbox to produce and guarantee the quality of machine.
  • Company Exhibition Company Exhibition
    In 2018, Anda Machinery Shanghai Exhibition came to a successful end. We met thousands of customers at home and abroad. In this exhibition, we successfully developed new customers, and reached a long-term partnership with them.Later, we will work harder to develop in a better direction. We would be your most reliable partner.
  • PP Pipe Making Machine PP Pipe Making Machine
    PP pipe making machine is used to produce PP pipe with diameter from 16 up to 800mm, which is used for electric conduit, building drainage, sewage pipe, water supply pipe, well casing pipe, agricultural irrigation pipe and so on.It’s mainly composed by conical twin screw extruder, mould, vacuum calibration tank, haul off machine, cutting machine, stacker, belling machine.By changing dorn or mould lip, it can produce several diameter or wall thickness on same machine.
  • PVC Cable Trunking Extrusion Machine PVC Cable Trunking Extrusion Machine
     PVC cable trunking extrusion machine /production line /making machine is mainly used for making small PVC profile, such as PVC Skirting profile, wall corner profile, PVC cable trunking profile with different section shape and height. The surface of PVC profile/panel can be treated by printing & coated with glossy oil, or by heat transfer printing, or by lamination, which can make good decoration effect for kitchen, toilet, balcony and so on.
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