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PVC Extruder Operation Process Section One

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PVC Extruder Operation Process Section1

conical double screw extruder


1. Using materials: PVC resin, calcium powder, stabilizer, lubricant, processing aids ACR (such as HF-100), weather resistant agent, whitening agent (toner), etc.

2Operation process: distributinghot mixingcold mixingextrudinghaulingsizingcoolingcuttinginspectingpackagingwarehousing

3. Mixing ingredients operation process:




Raw material inspection

1. Raw materials such as PVC powder, calcium carbonates and other raw materials should be available for 8 hours.

2. Check whether the code number of the raw material received matches the code number of the labeled raw material.

3. Check whether the appearance and hue of the raw materials match the existing materials in the workshop.

1. Whether the raw materials meet production needs.

2. If there exists any difference in the appearance and condition of the raw materials, the Product and Technology Department should be notified for verification.

Electronic scale inspection

1. Check whether the operation is normal and whether the data can be reset to zero, and whether the weighing is accurate.

2. Keep it tidy at all times.

1. If the functions or movements of tools or equipment are abnormal, they will be disabled;

2. If the water, gas, or electricity switches are abnormal, or the air pressure and water pressure, etc. are insufficient, cause should be checked out clearly;

Mixer inspection

1. Check whether there are any abnormalities in the water, gas and electricity switches of the mixer.

2. Turn on the switch and check whether the operations of the mixer are normal.

3. Add lubricating oil regularly to ensure normal lubrication of the mixer.


The weighing error of each bag is ±200g.

1. Pay attention to the quality of raw materials, and remove abnormal items such as impurities and moisture.

2. Place the production materials list onto the working table.

PVC powder

According to the specified weight, the weight tolerance of each bag is ±100g.

Manual power on

1. Place the "manual" and "automatic" switches in the manual position.

2. Start hot mixing at low speed, and then switch to high speed hot mixing after feeding for 1 minute.

1. Check if theres any abnormality on the working panel.

2. After the machine enters the automatic program, the switch must not be changed at will.

3. Pay attention to the quality of grinding powder or crushed materials such as impurities, etc.

4. If there is any abnormality in quality, the supervisor and Technical Department should be informed in time.

5. Isolate and mark abnormal materials and wait for verification before processing.


Throw in all the prepared ingredients and close the lid.

Automatically start up

1. The mixer automatically switches from low speed to high speed within the set time.

2. The machine enters the automatic operation state. When the process temperature reaches the set condition, it will automatically enter the next process.

Feed confirmation

1. It is necessary to confirm the next feeding after the hot mixing is exhausted and the valve is completely closed.

2. Observe the high and low speed conversion of hot pot feeding and temperature changes.

Throw back materials

After the hot mixtures are automatically discharged into the cold mixer, the return material is put in.

Mixing volume control

The process of mixing needs to take production schedule into consideration. For the same formula, the total amount of mixed ingredients cannot exceed the amount which is specified in the production bill of materials. When the planned demand is sufficient and an increase is needed, the additional quantity will be notified in a timely manner.

1. Maintain the principle of not mixing too much.

2. When a backlog occurs after the materials are mixed well, the identification card should be hung up.

PartExtrusion process

The models and specifications have different operating methods. In order to grasp the extruder process conditions and operate the machine correctly and operate different products, operators must be familiar with the structural of the extruder which they operate, along with the heating and cooling control system; machine nose and assembly conditions, etc. During the production process, various process parameters should be checked regularly according to process requirements to see if they are working normally.

pvc twin screw extruder

Preparations Before Starting Up

1. Mold preparation and installation

1.1 According to the production arrangement, find out the mold for producing the product, as well as the related sizing sleeves, rubber bands, clamps, heating sheets, heating rings and operating tools (movable wrenches, allen wrenches, screwdrivers, sandpaper, crowbars, etc.) .

1.2 Check all parts of the mold and sizing sleeve, and polish the parts which are in contact with the material.

1.3 Install the corresponding molds, sizing sleeves, rubber bands, clamps, heating sheets and heating rings, etc.

1.4 Adjust the die gap of the mold; connect the power cord of the heating plate and heating coil;

2. Inspection of the extruder

2.1 Check whether the water, gas, and oil circuits of the extruder are smooth, and whether there are any water leakage, air leakage, or oil leakage.

2.2 Turn on the power of the main engine, turn on the power switch of each heating unit, and set a relatively low temperature. Use a thermometer to check whether the condition of each heating units temperature rise is normal and whether each temperature control instrument is normal, and then turn off the power switch of the heating unit.

2.3 Check whether the host vacuum pump is operating normally, whether the pipeline is smooth, and whether there is air leakage, water leakage or blockage in the machine;

2.4 Check whether the feeding device is operating normally.

2.5 After checking all the above steps are normal, turn on the heating switch of each section of the mold, and set the initial process temperature to around 120 degrees.

2.6 After the temperature of each section of the mold reaches the initial set value, start setting the operating temperature; after the temperature of each section of the mold reaches the set value, keep the temperature for 30 minutes to ensure that each heating unit is heated evenly.

pvc profile extrusion machine

3. Inspection of extruder auxiliary machinery

3.1 Inspection of cooling water tank

1) Turn on the power switch of the cooling water tank;

2) Press the forward and backward movement switch of the cooling water tank to check whether the forward and backward movement of the water tank is normal;

3) Open the water inlet valve of the cooling water tank, turn on the water pump operation switch, check whether the water inlet and spray device are blocked, open the water outlet valve of the tank, and check whether the outlet water path is normal;

4) Turn on the sink vacuum pump and check the operation of the vacuum pump;

5) Check whether the level of the cooling water tank and its center line are in the same straight line as the center line of the extruder;

3.2 Hauling Machine

1)Start the tractor and check whether the traction of the tractor is normal.

2)Press down and lift the switch of the tractor to check whether the air path is normal.

3)Check whether the track position of the tractor can be adjusted.

3.3 Check the cutting machine and pipe rack.

1) Ordinary saw blade cutting machine

a) Adjust the height of the cutting fixture and perform cutting movements to check whether the movements are normal.

b) Adjust the position of the cutting stroke switch.

pvc plastic extruded profile for decoration

2)Orbital cutting machine (suitable for pipes)

a) Check the cleanliness of the working room of the cutting machine, and turn on the power switch and air valve switch of the cutting machine;

b) Replace the clamps before and after the cutting machine;

c) Adjust the position of the cutting stroke switch and set the length of the product (should be slightly larger than the actual length);

d) Adjust the position of the tool so that it has just the right amount of feed;

e) Press the "Manual" cutting button to start pre-cutting, and check the actual feeding position of the blade from both ends of the cutting machine;

f) If the feed amount is not appropriate, you need to reset it according to the above steps until it is appropriate;

g) Take a 2-meter section of pipe with the same diameter as the pipe to be produced, place it on the clamps at both ends of the cutting machine, repeat steps (e) and (f) to observe the cutting action, and check the cutting effect, if the cutting effect is not good The feed amount needs to be readjusted;

3.4 Uniformly check whether the center lines of the extruder host, cooling water tank, tractor, cutting machine, and pipe rack are on the same straight line, otherwise they need to be adjusted to be on the same straight line;

3.5 Install the traction tube on the auxiliary engine;

3.6 Check the computer ink jet printer.

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