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What Are The Machines Required To Produce PVC Edge Banding Tape?

PVC edge banding tape machine is used to produce PVC edge band,it's widely used for edge banding of MDF, HDf, particle board, composite board and so on.
The machine can produce the size of 19-100mm width and 0.4-2mm thickness. The surface of PVC edge band is treated by printing and UV coating. By switching printing roller. Surface of PVC edge band can get different design and colors.

According to the designed capacity, there are mainly 3 kind edge band machines:
Two step production with single screw extruder
One step production with double screw extruder
PVC edge banding sheet production with calandar cooling
In the production process of edge band, it needs raw material mixing equipment, edge banding tape extrusion equipment, printing and UV coating equipment and other auxiliary equipment.

The mixer is a device that mixes PVC, calcium powder and some other additives evenly.
Extrusion Line Includes 
Extrusion line includes extruder, mold, cold water tank, hauling and primer coating and winder. Put the mixed raw material into the extruder, then the edge band will be extruded from the mold. It will be cooled and shaped by the cold water tank, back coated with glue by the traction primer coatin machine. Winding the edge band is the final process of extrusion line.
Printing Line
The printing line includes unwinding machines, printing machines, UV coating machine, IR dryers, UV solidifying machine and winding machines. The edge band will be printed with base color and pattern, and will pass through the IR dryer after each printing. Finally, the edge band will be coated with UV coating machine, dried and cured, so that the printing process of the edge band is completed.

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Our company has multiple certifications and certificates, such as CE certification, which demonstrate our excellent performance in quality management, environmental protection, and product compliance.

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We have an office and after-sales service team in India, which can provide customers with installation, training and various after-sales services for edge band production. We can also send local or Chinese technicians to work in customers' factories for a long time,the service of edge band customer is available not only at India but also at other countries.

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With the growth of panel furniture and customized furniture industries, edge band is increasingly used for furniture, such as furniture edge band, whole house customization, composite doors, etc. which are very popular now.

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