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What do you know about plastic extruder?

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The plastic extruder relies on the pressure and shear force generated by the rotation of the screw to ensure that the material is fully plasticized and evenly mixed and formed through the die. plastic extruders can be basically divided into twin-screw extruders, single-screw extruders and less common multi-screw extruders and screwless extruders.

Where are the energy saving functions of plastic extruders?

What are the preparations before the plastic extruder starts?

What are the maintenance work of plastic extruder?

plastic extruder

Where are the energy saving functions of plastic extruder?

The energy saving of plastic extruder can be divided into two parts: One is the power part and the other is the heating part.

Energy saving in the power part: most of them use frequency inverter. The energy saving method is to save the excess energy consumption of the motor. For example, the actual power of the motor is 50 Hz, and you actually only need 30 Hz in production. Wasted, the frequency converter is to change the output power of the motor to achieve the effect of energy saving.

Energy saving in the heating part: most of the energy saving in the heating part is to use electromagnetic heaters to save energy, and the energy saving rate is about 30% to 70% of the old resistance coil.

What are the preparations before the plastic extruder starts?

⑴ Plastic for extrusion. The raw materials should meet the necessary drying requirements, if necessary, further drying is required. Screen the raw materials to remove agglomerates and mechanical impurities.

(2) Check whether the water, electricity and gas systems in the equipment are normal, make sure the water and gas paths are free and leakage-free, whether the electrical system is normal, whether the heating system, temperature control and various instruments are working reliably; Observe whether the equipment is running normally; Start the vacuum pump of the setting table to observe whether the work is normal; Add oil to the lubrication parts of various equipment. If any fault is found, eliminate it in time.

(3) Assemble the machine head and adjusting sleeve. According to the grade and size of the product, select the head specification. Install the handpiece in the following order.

What are the maintenance operations of the plastic extruder?

⑴Daily maintenance is a regular routine work, which does not take into account the operating hours of the equipment, and is usually carried out during the driving time. The key is to clean the machine, lubricate the moving parts, tighten the loose threaded parts, check and adjust the motor, control instruments, working parts and piping in time.

(2) Regular maintenance is generally carried out after the plastic extruder has run continuously for 2500-5000 hours. The machine must be disassembled to check, measure and determine the wear of the main parts, replace the parts that have reached the specified wear limit and repair the damaged parts.

(3) The plastic extruder must not run empty to prevent the screw and barrel from rolling.

⑷ If any unusual noise occurs during the operation of the plastic extruder, it should be stopped immediately for inspection or repair.

⑸Be sure to prevent metal or other small items from falling into the hopper to avoid damaging the screw and barrel. To prevent iron debris from entering the barrel, a magnetic part or magnetic frame can be installed at the feed opening of the material entering the barrel. To prevent the debris from falling into the material, the material must be screened in advance.

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